Preparing for an exam?

Try a dry run first with our professionals and find out any weak spots before the big day.

What will I need for my Mock Exam?

  • You will need a computer with a webcam and built in mic and speakers
  • You will need to set up a free account at to access your mock exam
  • You will need a Broadband Internet connection

After the lesson you will receive a written report by email on your performance and the level of your pass (bronze, silver or gold) or fail.

How much does a Musical Orbit online Mock Exam cost?

£24 payable by bank transfer

Musical Orbit administers all mock exams for the SE22 Piano School

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What instrument do you play?
What grade are you taking and with which exam board?

Please note:

Musical Orbit takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the marking of the Mock Exam. Musical Orbit Mock Exams are intended as a guide only for areas to work on in your performance and to help you towards giving your best performance in an exam situation