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About Musical Orbit

Musical Orbit was founded by principal violinist Nicole Wilson. After a career spanning 20 years in London, as a first violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra, a principal violinist of English National Opera, professor of violin at the Royal Academy of Music, a film/tv session orchestra fixer, a TV and radio presenter and CD producer. Nicole has enjoyed working with nearly all the major UK orchestras and has built friendships with many principal players across the nation and throughout the world.

Having come across many music students who needed help preparing for auditions, concerts and exams, she realised the difficult situation many of those people were in. Unable to speak to and learn from the right people, build up their CVs and ultimately get to play for the jobs they were interested in, these students were in a no-mans land.

Nicole has used her extensive connections in the music business to bring together these students and the movers and shakers in the music world, regardless of work schedules and distance so that anyone can learn from these world class musicians. Musical Orbit’s client base has now expanded in all directions to include not just those music graduates but also amateur musicians, children and music teachers seeking help with certain repertoire.

So if you are a music student, about to go out into the big wide world and try and make a living, an amateur musician working towards a special concert and needing advice on the finishing touches to make your performance superb, if you’re working towards an exam and need another pair of expert ears to advise you, or if you can’t find a teacher of the right standard near you then look no further! Email us at and we’ll endeavour to match you up with one of the thousands of professional musicians across the country who’d love to help!


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