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By Jane Gordon  -  20 November 2015

My trio has just launched a Kickstarter campaign and we are hoping it will be successful in raising funds for our new CD. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform for creative projects. It is used across the globe by artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians and more to help realise their projects. Since 2009, $2.1 billion has been pledged by 9.9 million people, funding just under 100,000 projects. These are very impressive statistics so something must be working well with the format.

There are very few ways to fund recordings in the arts and the landscape of the music industry is rapidly changing. Crowd-funding seems to be attractive to both artist and supporter alike. Through Kickstarter we get to 'give' our music in the form of rewards to those who support us. It means we are directly connecting with our audiences and making it personal. For artists, this is one of the most empowering things about today's multi-media world. I think it is also engaging for the listeners as they will feel part of the project from the very outset. It gives them direct access to the artists and opens up a community through which people can connect and this is within an appealing non-corporate environment. Our supporters get their CDs and rewards first, before sales open to the general public and they will also benefit from various exclusive perks. The rewards can cost as little as £5 and there is an attitude that every penny counts with a pledge of any size being most welcome.

For our Kickstarter disc we are recording two masterworks: Beethoven's wonderful Ghost Trio and Schubert's Notturno, and we are featuring something rare. This is our unique selling point. We are in fact making history with the premiere recording of a work by Ferdinand Hiller who was an unjustly neglected 19th century German composer. He was a fascinating man who visited Beethoven on his deathbed and took a lock his hair which remained in his family until it was recently sold at Sotheby's. Putting that to one side, Hiller was an affable and gregarious man who was well known and liked by many of the great 19th century composers. He made innumerable friends and had extensive correspondence with all the leading musicians in Europe at the time, with Schumann, Brahms and Mendelssohn in Germany, and with Chopin, Liszt and Berlioz in Paris. We feel Hiller's music deserves to be heard and have it's place in history. Beethoven and Schubert are amongst the most popular composers performed and recorded today, and always welcomed by audiences who rightly so never seem to tire of listening to their masterpieces. 

The challenges for us with Kickstarter are finding ways to cut through the heavy traffic online. In today's classical music world, it is not enough to rely on the performance. To thrive we also need to develop savvy business skills and build good profiles online and off the concert stage. Harnessing the latest multi-media platforms puts a huge amount of power at our finger tips and if our Kickstarter is successful it could pave the way for more creative trio projects which is hugely exciting.

Be part of history and help fund Rautio Piano Trio's CD here


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Jane Gordon is the violinist of the award winning Rautio Piano Trio, who have received widespread acclaim for innovative programming, from cutting-edge contemporary music to period instrument performance.

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