Knock your socks off...

By Maxine Kwok Adams  -  13 February 2015

I confess to being a music geek. I have a vastly impressive collection of music memorabilia cluttering up my parents' home and after a few years of abhorring anything with music printed on it probably after one too many knitted musical jumpers in the 80s, I seem to have come full circle. Designers seem to delight in using music notes/piano keys etc on clothing and accessories and I confess I do love the trend although can't always afford it! How much did I want the Dolce and Gabbana black and white music print dress..

The conductor James Gaffigan snapped this photo of my Moschino piano skirt and posted it on twitter, so I guess there are a few music geeks around! 

I am currently eyeing the Kate spade "jazz" flats out this season but since I rarely wear flat shoes perhaps I can hold myself back and save some money for once. 

So if you are a music geek be proud and show the love! Ps. Etsy is a great place to find vintage or handmade music things. Shhh keep it to yourself.. 

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