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By Simon_Mulligan  -  08 October 2015

Our piano-man in New York, Simon Mulligan, has just been playing concerts from the top deck of a 50-metre super-yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show, (as you do).  He was there on behalf of Steinway and Sons, to perform on Steinway’s 600,000th piano, a unique instrument called the Fibonacci. The American designer of the piano, Frank Pollaro, was also on board, (literally) to help Simon promote the instrument, for sale at a cool $2.4 million. 

Simon describes the piano as “an elegant concert grand, with the heart of an old soul and a sumptuous sonority”.  Pollaro has used an array of rare and exquisite woods for the classy design and casework of the instrument, and we agree it really is rather gorgeous.  Simon also notes that while sat atop the yacht at the piano, he had never seen so many men strutting around in bright red trousers on the pontoons below.  Simon is now back on terra firma, catching up with his 8-year old son Jasper, before jetting off to Singapore next Monday for more concerts. He’ll be back home on October 17th to his own Steinway concert grand, and back online for Musical Orbit!

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