Self Confidence?

By Maxine Kwok Adams  -  26 December 2014

Recently I was sitting around with colleagues in the Abbey Road Studios' canteen and we were glancing at a newspaper quiz which apparently could tell (IF you answered truthfully..) if you were narcissistic, self-confident, an asshole etc. A friend pointed to self-confident and said, "well that's you!" I smiled to myself because I have to admit here (don't tell anyone) that I am anything but..

The funny thing about being a performer in an arts-related job is that people expect you to be super confident in your own abilities. After all, we have trained for years to develop a very particular skill set. But you know what? I believe confidence is something that can be worn, like a superhero's cape, it'll protect you from all sorts of awkward and scary situations. I can freely admit here that when I started my professional life I would often hide in the toilets to avoid speaking to people. Most people would say now, almost 15 years later, that the girl wearing all the bling and eccentric clothes must be completely self-assured. Well I'm the same person inside but now I shroud myself in self confidence and it allows me to tackle things I deem scary. This tongue-in-cheek blog isn't in any way meant to be a self-help guide but just a little reminder that everyone has their wobbles and their doubts. My way of dealing with these issues now is to try and face any fears without showing anyone you're afraid. Most of the time when I am invited to participate in something that is outside my comfort zone, my first thought is, "oh no I can't possibly do that!" But then a little voice pipes up, "someone thinks you are up to this, so.. just do it!" So when I have been invited to give a masterclass or filmed interviews for example, I put on something sparkly which gives the impression I'm 100 % confident in my abilities even though I'm having doubts and you know what? It works.

So next time you don't think you can do something. Remember even the people who look the most confident have their wobbles. My advice, grab some heels and something fabulously sequinned and you can tackle the world! 

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