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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Anyone who works with young musicians on their journey through youth chamber music will be familiar with the sight of some children busting a gut to manage their challenging part in a piece while another is sitting there bored, clock watching and waiting for something more interesting to come along for them to play. Liz Partridge, professional violinist and Trinity Board music examiner has addressed this problem by compiling an inspired collection of 3 books for string quartet. Working with established contemporary composers, Liz has commissioned 7 new works for each level, the first being the ‘Discover’ level which corresponds with music grades 1-3, ‘Explore’ for grades 4-5 and ‘Pioneer’ for grades 6-8. Equal interest in all parts was of paramount importance to Liz and keys, notation and rhythm were carefully considered to create truly equal parts.

Liz’s experience as a Trinity Board music examiner has given her the expertise to guide the composers to write within the musician’s capabilities while challenging them and at the same time expanding the string quartet repertoire. Among the 17 composers who have contributed to this fantastic new collection include illustrious names such as James McMillan, Sally Beamish and Thomas Hewitt Jones. Under Liz’s guidance they have created works which are not only accessible to young musicians but actually add exciting new substance to the string quartet repertoire.

Beside both scores and parts, there are optional 3rd violin parts in lieu of the viola for all quartets, and for some a bass part to enable string orchestra versions, both available to download. There are accompanying composers and teaching notes for each quartet and a CD with demonstration recordings and minus one tracks.

Grab your own copies now by the ever adventurous Boosey and Hawkes, their wonderful range of styles and moods make these books a valuable addition to the music world. Congratulations Liz - when are the wind and brass ones coming out!?

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